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Ciudad Valles

Ciudad Valles is the third-largest city in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi. The city is also the municipal seat of the surrounding municipality of the same name. The city had a 2005 census population of 116,261, while the municipality's population was 156,859. The municipality has an area of 2,396.5 km2 (925.29 sq mi).

Ciudad Valles is one of Mexico's favourite destinations for people searching for exotic natural beauties and or adrenaline and adventure.

Some of Ciudad Valles attractions include:

MICOS WATERFALL These waterfalls are famous due to their steep falls that show the beauty of nature you can find in the middle of hills surrounded by vegetation, which offer a harmonious landscape.

These waterfalls are located 18 kilometers (11 miles) from Ciudad Valles and are part of Tampaon river, best known as Micos River. This name was given due to the abundance of spider monkeys that inhabited this area.

This river goes down noisily through a large series of falls with a vertiginous acceleration. Therefore, if you enjoy adventure, rafting through the rapids of this river is highly recommended. At the top of the waterfall there is a viewpoint, where you will be able to see the wonderful spectacle of the water.

This place has lodging such as hotels, motels and trailer park areas.

TAMASOPO If you enjoy adventure tourism, it is recommendable to visit this town, since the Verastegui Sierra, where the marvelous spectacle of the "Espinazo del Diablo" and its ravines which are up to 300 meters deep (985 feet) can be seen. In this place, access is difficult due to the rough terrain.

Tamasopo waterfalls are nearby, a group of 3 waterfalls that form a 20-meter (65-foot) waterfall that falls violently into a 5 meter deep well, in whose banks there are nice beaches appropriate for children. If you like camping, this is the ideal place.

TAMUL WATERFALL From the town of Tanchanchin, you will have to travel for about two hours by boat to reach the Tamul Waterfall, which is well worth visiting. With its 105-meter (344-foot) fall. This waterfall is considered to be the highest in the state.

It is formed by the waters of the Gallinas River, which with its rapids fall on Tampaon River. It is recommended to visit this waterfall during the months of July to October, since during the low water season it can be accessed easily.

TANCANHUITZ DE SANTOS It is located 65 kilometers (40 miles) from Ciudad Valles. It is a place truly full of vegetation that creates beautiful landscapes. The Huehuetlan Sierra creek is located here, which is a natural frontier that divides the "huastecas" to the south and the "nahuatlacos" Indians.

These two indigenous groups nowadays still preserve their languages, dress and customs from their antecessors. When going down from their communities towards the "tianguis" (street market) every Sunday, women wear their "quetzquemaletls" (v.-shaped ponchos) that they knit and embroider themselves. A characteristic of this area is to listen how the languages spoken here mix Nahualt, Huasteco and Spanish.

It is advisable to visit the Temple of San Miguel de Arcangel, which you will reach by going up 149 steps. From its atrium you will see the town located in a narrow ravine, which streets and alleys have taken the capricious shape of the land.