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Cuautitlan is a city and municipality in the State of Mexico, just north of the northern tip of the Federal District (Distrito Federal) within the Greater Mexico City urban area. The city has engulfed most of the municipality, making the two synonymous. The name comes from Nahuatl and means 'between the trees.

The city had a 2005 census population of 97,686, while the municipality had a population of 110,345.

Cuautitlan began as a Chichimeca village around the 14th century. It was dominated by Tlacopan before being conquered by the Mexica and made part of the Aztec empire. After the Conquest, Cuautitlan was evangelized by the Franciscans. They constructed San Buenaventura monastery and established the brotherhood of the Purisima Concepcion de Nuestra Senora de Cuautitlan. Saint Juan Diego (1474-1548) lived there with his wife Maria Lucia up to the time of her death in 1529. They lived there in a one-roomed mud house thatched with corn stalks. The house still survives in a good state of preservation. Cuautitlan gained city status in 1968.

It is currently the home of painter and sculptor Luis Nishizawa Flores (1918- ).