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Gomez Palacio

Gomez PalacioGomez Palacio is a city and its surrounding municipality in northeastern Durango, Mexico, located at 25.57°N, 103.50°W adjacent to the border with the state of Coahuila. The city is named in honor of former Durango governor Francisco Gomez Palacio y Bravo.

In the 2005 census the population of the city of Gomez Palacio was 239,842 people, making it the state's second-largest community. The municipality's population was 304,515. The municipality's area is 990.2 km2 (382.3 sq mi). The municipality and city are part of a large metropolitan area which includes the municipalities of Torreon and Matamoros in Coahuila, as well as Lerdo in Durango. The metropolitan area had an official population of 1,110,890 persons in 2005.