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San Luis Rio Colorado

San Luis Rio Colorado is a city and its surrounding municipality lying in the northwestern corner of the state of Sonora, Mexico.

Awarded city status in July 1958, San Luis R.C. serves as the administrative center for the surrounding municipality of the same name. The city is located on a mesa, characterized by a flat and sandy terrain.

San Luis R.C. used to be an important inland port for steamers traveling up the Colorado from the Gulf Of California. However since the early 1900s the Colorado River in most years has been completely or nearly completely drained for irrigation use for California's valleys. Most of the time the once formidable Colorado is now dry or a small stream.

San Luis R.C. is home to a regional medium-wave radio broadcast station, 1350 XELBL-AM, that is a popular long-distance reception target for ham and broadcast radio enthusiasts.

Josse, a mexican latin beat singer recorded a song call "San Luis Rio Colorado" at memorial for the river.